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Kingway's Curriculum

We are Kingsway!

Kingsway Primary is a one form entry school and is arranged with anursery, one Foundation Stage class and single classes from Team 1 to Team 6.

Each year group follows a curriculum which builds on the skills and learning from previous years which enables every child to fulfil their potential.

Class teachers are responsible for the children’s welfare and delivery of the curriculum. Work is planned with close liaison, communication and support from our teaching assistant team.

When planning, our teachers share the preparation of work where appropriate, drawing on different experiences, knowledge and expertise to ensure work is relevant and well matched to meet the needs of the children. In this way, we are able to utilise the strengths of our small staff team and enhance the quality of learning and teaching here at Kingsway Primary School.

To support reading development, we use 'Read Write Ink' an accredited scheme. Please speak to your child’s class teacher if you have any questions about your child’s reading development.

Kingsway's Curriculum Intent

Kingsway Primary School’s broad and balanced curriculum is designed to inspire, enthuse and prepare all children with the knowledge, skills and cultural capital they need to prepare them for the next stage in their education.

Our children will develop as independent, confident, successful learners with high aspirations who are ready to make a positive contribution to their community and wider society as citizens of modern Britain.

We aim to nurture the personal, social and emotional development of our children alongside their academic skills; we want our children to know how to live healthy lives, both physically and mentally.

Kingsway’s curriculum promotes inclusivity and equality so that everyone is valued and is able to succeed.

Our curriculum is driven through:

  •          High aspirations for all our children
  •          Activating prior knowledge and creating links between ideas
  •          Enquiring, inquisitive minds that, question and challenge
  •          Resilience to overcome barriers, take risks and welcome challenges
  •          Embracing inclusivity and diversity to build a better understanding of our world
  •          Developing and broadening vocabulary in order to communicate effectively

Curriculum Implementation at Kingsway

We will deliver our Curriculum through:

  •          Well-sequenced schemes of work which allow for a progression of knowledge and skills through school as well as opportunities for links to be made between years or across subjects.
  •          The use of knowledge organisers to structure core learning concepts, vocabulary and facts.
  •          Engaging, ambitious and challenging learning experiences.
  •          Quality texts to develop reading fluency and therefore enable all children to access the full curriculum.
  •          Regular reviews to check learning, build on prior knowledge and consolidate learning.
  •          Providing visits and enrichment opportunities to give the children first-hand experiences.
  •          Engagement with parents to support learning experiences.
  •          The development of children’s spiritual, moral, social and cultural lives.

Impact of Kingsway's Curriculum

The impact of our Curriculum will be that all children will:

  •          Recall and confidently articulate their learning and be able to share knowledge
  •          Be resilient learners
  •          Feel valued and have a positive sense of who they are
  •          Achieve with outcomes that are in line or better than national expectations at all stages and areas of the curriculum
  •          Make good progress from their starting points and reach their potential
  •          Have an opportunity to shine in their time at Kingsway
  •          Have high aspirations
  •          Be ready for the next stage of their education
  •          Have a secure understanding of equality and of their rights

Class teachers routinely evaluate the progress of pupils within and across lessons using the curriculum frameworks to make judgements. They use this information to analyse how effectively pupils are achieving or exceeding expectations and to adapt their planning accordingly. Teachers provide Subject Leaders with timely summative information about the outcomes of pupils in their class.

Subject Leaders and Senior Leaders routinely evaluate the summative outcomes for their area of responsibility. We use this analysis to identify any necessary actions that develop the quality of provision in their subject, to moderate assessments, and to benchmark outcomes against expectations beyond our school.

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