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Team 3 2023 - 2024

Mrs Williams

Y3 Teacher

Our Year 3 team includes Mrs Williams, Mrs Roberts and Miss Underdown.

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Reading is essential to all curriculum areas and we spend time focusing on reading every day. Our reading lessons Read Write Ink and VIPERS which consists of crafted units of reading and comprehension through high-quality fiction, non-fiction and poetry texts.  Children use these to deepen their understanding of vocabulary, inference, evidence, retrieval and summarising skills.

Children also experience the joy of reading through a whole class novel. The class novel is a time to come together around a powerful, relevant text that engages the children and promotes discussion. In Team 3, we read a range of exciting texts.

Reading at home is essential. Reading books go home on a Friday and are returned to school the following week. Children are encouraged to record their own thoughts, feelings and ideas about what they have read in their reading records as well as comments made by adults at home.



Our writing lessons follow Pathways to Write, which is a programme of study designed to empower children to become confident and successful writers. The units of work centre on engaging, vocabulary-rich texts, with a wealth of both fiction and non-fiction writing opportunities. 


Mathematics lessons follow White Rose Maths, which aims to develop children’s mathematical fluency and their deep, long-term and adaptable understanding of maths. The children can then use this knowledge and understanding to solve a range of maths problems. White Rose Maths adopts a concrete – pictorial – abstract method that enables all children to access learning and lessons are differentiated so that and all children achieve.

To supplement maths lessons, we also dedicate time each week to revisit skills previously taught through Fluent in Four activities. 

The Wider Curriculum

In Year 3, children are taught a broad and balanced curriculum that includes all of the National Curriculum subjects. Over the course of the year, different subjects are prioritised at different times to ensure coverage and maximum attainment in all areas. The curriculum is exciting, dynamic and has been designed to build upon the children’s prior knowledge. 

Autumn 1:

Seal Surfer: 1: Amazon.co.uk: Foreman, Michael: 9781842705780: Books

This half term we will be studying Seal Surfer, a fictional story written by Michael Foreman.  Pupils will immerse themselves in new, rich vocabulary, develop their sentence structure as well as working on their editing skills.  The unit will conclude with them writing a letter in paragraphs from the point of view of a character.

In maths we will be exploring place value, addition and subtraction, using concrete, pictorial and abstract methods.  We will apply our learning to solve problems.

In Science we will be learning all about the human body, including muscles, our skeleton and what it takes to stay fit and healthy.  In computing we will be learning about networks and how to stay safe online.  

Our big project this half term will be studying life through the ages, finding out what life was like in the Stone, Bronze and Iron Age.

In our Jigsaw sessions we will be learning about ourselves and the world around us, we will develop a greater understanding of the roles and responsibilities we have and how to treat each other with respect and kindness.

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