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Children's Flu Vaccinations

e-Consent…it’s so easy!

Working in partnership with Wirral Community Health and Care NHS Foundation Trust, we’re delighted to introduce a new way for our parents and carers to consent to their school aged children’s vaccinations.

You can now provide e-Consent for all your child’s vaccinations with the click of a button, using your mobile phone, computer, laptop or tablet. 

The new e-Consent process is:

  • safe and secure
  • easy to use
  • convenient and saves time
  • friendly to the environment - saves paper

How it works:

  • Click this link for the online form - https://www.wchcimms.co.uk/Forms/Flu
  • the form is simple and easy to complete
  • once you’ve completed the e-Consent form, click ‘submit’
  • you’ll receive an email to confirm the form has been received securely
  • the Trust’s Immunisation Team will receive your child’s form via a secure portal
  • if you’ve consented, your child will have their vaccine here in school

Remember, the new e-Consent process is easy, secure and convenient! 

For information of ALL school age vaccinations please visit  wchc.nhs.uk/econsent/

To complete your all your child’s vaccination e-Consent forms, visit wchcimms.co.uk 

Each school has a unique code to access the consent, please see your child’s school code below.

SCHOOL:      KINGSWAY                                        CODE: WC104997

If you have any queries about the new e-Consent process, please call the Immunisation Team on 0151 514 2510.


For more information about vaccinations visit - https://www.nhs.uk/conditions/vaccinations/child-flu-vaccine/#:~:text=The%20nasal%20spray%20flu%20vaccine%20is%20free%20on%20the%20NHS,11%20children%20in%20secondary%20school



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