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Early Years and Foundation Stage

Our Foundation Stage is open to pupils from 3 Years old.

We offer Breakfast club from 8.15 for children in F2-Y6

The session starts at 9am and ends at 3pm


We are committed to the principles of The Early Years Foundation Stage. This is the statutory guidance for working with children from birth to five.

We encourage children to develop their own theories so they can make sense of the world; their own space to explore their own ideas. We listen to their ideas and help facilitate their research through encouragement and reassurance.

There are seven areas of learning and development that shape our early years curriculum, each of these areas is connected.

Three areas are particularly crucial in supporting children's curiosity and enthusiasm for learning; these are the prime areas:

  • Physical development
  • Personal, social and emotional development
  • Communication and language.

The remaining four areas, the specific areas help to strengthen and support the prime areas.

·        Literacy

·        Mathematics

·        Expressive arts and design

·        Understanding the world.

At Kingsway Primary School we offer a wide and varied curriculum to extend each individual child's development taking into account their individual interests and needs.


Communication and Language

Children’s learning and competence in communicating, speaking and listening must be supported and extended. Kingsway Primary School provides children with opportunities and the encouragement to use their skills in a range of situations and for a range of purposes; we support them in developing the confidence and disposition to do so.

Through supportive relationships children become skillful communicators, build meaningful social relationships which provide opportunities for friendship, empathy and sharing emotions. The ability to communicate helps children to participate more fully in society.

Expressive Arts and Design

Children’s creativity is extended through the provision of support for their curiosity, exploration and play. We provide opportunities for the children to explore and share their thoughts, ideas and feelings, through a variety of art, music, movement, dance, imaginative and role-play activities, mathematics and design and technology.

We understand that creativity emerges as children become absorbed in action and explorations of their own ideas, expressing themselves by making and transforming using media and materials. Kingsway Primary School encourages children to take risks and make connections, experiencing through their senses in an individual way to represent their experiences.

Understanding the World

Children must be supported in developing the knowledge, skills and understanding that help them to make sense of the world. Kingsway Primary School support children’s learning through offering opportunities for them to use a range of tools safely; encounter creatures, people, plants and objects in their natural environments and in real life situations; we support them in undertaking practical experiments; and working with a range of materials.

It is our aim to give all children the best opportunities for effective development, through involving the children in practical applications of their understanding of the world; we give the confidence to make their own decisions about what to investigate and how to do it.


Personal, Social and Emotional Development

For children being special to someone and supported is vital for their health and well-being. We provide children with opportunities, experiences and support which help them to develop a positive sense of themselves and others.

Positive relationships help form warm, caring attachments that encourage and support each individual child. Activities are planned to promote emotional, moral, spiritual and social development together with intellectual development.

Kingsway Primary School wants children to develop a positive sense of themselves and others, through supporting them based on their individual development and needs and through activities that are planned to develop them holistically

Physical Development

Kingsway Primary School understand that the physical development of babies and young children must be encouraged through the provision of opportunities for them to be active and interactive and to improve their skills of coordination, control, manipulation and movement, using both the indoor and outdoor environment. We support children in using all of their senses to learn about the world around them and to make connections between new information and what they already know. We support them in developing an understanding of the importance of physical activity and making healthy choices in relation to food and hygiene and the benefits of making healthy choices


Kingsway Primary School recognise that children must be supported in developing their understanding of problem solving, reasoning and numeracy in a broad range of contexts in order that they can explore, enjoy, learn, practice and talk about their developing understanding. We provide opportunities for the children to practice and extend their skills in these areas and to gain confidence and competence in their use.

Through encouraging the children to ask questions and make connections through other areas of learning we can extend their understanding and challenge existing knowledge to develop their skills.


Children’s learning and competence in being read to and beginning to read and write must be supported and extended. Kingsway Primary School provides children with opportunities and the encouragement to use their skills in linking sounds and letters to begin to develop this skill. The children are given access to a wide range of materials to help ignite their interest in early reading and writing


Every week the children have an hour lesson with a specialist language teacher, learning the basics of French through rhyme and repetition and fun activities. There are many advantages to teaching languages from such an early age. Research has shown for a number of years that language learning should start from an early age as it is known in the first five years that the foundations for language, thinking, attitudes and aptitudes are established. Through a multi-sensory approach using dolls, props, songs, stories and rhymes we hope to excite the children’s interest in learning which can only help them in later life



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