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Current Governors

Interim Headteacher: Mrs C Hibbard

The Chair of Governors can be contacted through the school office email


Governor Profiles

Parent Governors

Parent governors are any parent which includes a person with parental responsibility, or carer, of a registered pupil at the school at the time of election is eligible to stand for election as a parent governor. Parent governors may continue to hold office until the end of their term of office even if their child leaves the school.

Claire Wycherley - Claire is an experienced governor, who has experience in youth work and qualifications in health and Education. Claire is a business owner with particular skills in finance and management.

Cassie Atherton

Victoria Banks


Co-Opted Governors

A Co-Opted governor is someone who, in the opinion of the person entitled to appoint them, has the skills to contribute to the effective governance and success of the school, and would be capable of achieving the purpose for which he/she is appointed which is securing:

• in all cases, that the school’s character (including religious character where it has one) is preserved and developed; and

• that the school (if it has a foundation) is conducted in accordance with the foundation’s governing documents.

Shirley Lothian Evans -  Shirley is Chair of Governors, she has extensive experience of leading youth work in the community. She has experience in managing finance and HR issues in addition to her role as a community volunteer. Shirley has led school through an Ofsted inspection.

Gemma Stewart - Gemma is a staff, parent and co-opted Governor. She has been elected into this role since 2015

Headteacher Governor

The Headteacher is a member of the governing body by virtue of their office. The Headteacher may at any time resign as a governor, and withdraw their resignation, in both cases by notifying the clerk in writing.

Mrs Hibbard - Coleen has ....

Staff Governor

Teaching and support staff who, at the time of election, are employed by either the governing body or the local authority to work at the school under a contract of employment, are eligible to be staff governors. Staff governors are elected by this same category of school staff. They cease to hold office when they cease to be employed at the school.

Mrs Lodge-  has been a Primary School teacher for seven years and has worked at Kingsway for four of these years. Prior to this she worked at two other schools in the North West and spent a year teaching English at a non-English speaking school in Thailand.  She has taught both in KS1 and KS2 and is our school's English Lead. As staff governor, Mrs Lodge is passionate about ensuring the best outcomes for our children and staff in school. She contributes fully to school life sharing her skills and experiences with others within school. Mrs Lodge is also one of our NEU representatives in school and won the North West Representative of The Year Award 2020/21 for her work in school.

Partnership  Governor

Partnership governors are appointed by the governing body. Individuals are only eligible to be nominated as a partnership governor if the person nominating them believes that they have the skills needed to contribute to the effective governance and success of the school. Likewise the governing body may only appoint a person as a partnership governor if they believe that they have the skills needed to contribute to the effective governance and success of the school.

Mr Mitchell – is currently Group Director of Organisational Development with Sefton based The Sovini Group. Ian is currently responsible for a number of corporate services including HR, Learning & Development, IT, Corporate Policy & Strategic Planning, Marketing, Communication & Brand, and Stakeholder Engagement. Ian has worked in housing, community regeneration and business improvement across the North West for over 20 years, having started as a modern apprentice straight from secondary school. Ian has since gone on to complete a series of qualifications including a BA degree and Masters in Business Administration (MBA) at Liverpool John Moores University. Ian is passionate about ensuring that everyone has great opportunities in life underpinned by good quality education, employment, health and housing.

Local Authority Governor

Local Authority governors are nominated by the local authority but appointed by the governing body. The local authority can nominate any person who is eligible to be a local authority governor, but it is for the governing body to decide whether their nominee has the skills required to contribute to the effective governance and success of the school and meets any other eligibility criteria they have set. Local authorities should therefore make every effort to understand the governing body’s requirements and identify and nominate suitable candidates.

Daniel Stenhouse - has worked for the LMS-(Finance department) for the Local Authority for a number of years.  He has recently joined the governing body and will support as the Local Authority Governor.

Clerk to Governors

The Clerk is one of the most important people that a governing board will work with. Clerking Matters seeks to raise both the status and professionalism of the  governing board by providing guidance and links to support specific to the role.

Donna Challinor - Miss Challinor has performed the duties of the clerk since her appointment in 2019, working with our governors and those from the LA and being involved in the training of the current governing body. She has worked at Kingsway Primary School as a receptionist since 2015 and adopted the role of office manager due to recent absences. 

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